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Financial Investment Services

montserrat advisory services massachusetts

Website Financial Investment for Retirement in Beverly, MA Project Request Montserrat (an area in Beverly, MA) is the home of Montserrat Advisory Services, LLC; specializing in asset allocation, security diversification, time based diversification and category diversification.  These are all words which may sound foreign to most of us, but Thomas J. Costantini is a man of many educational words.  He wanted his website to inform his audience of what's available to you and what forms of … [Read more...]

Searchable Business Listings


Website  Atlanta / Jacksonville / Raleigh Businesses for Sale Project Request Walden Businesses wanted a functional, up-to-date website.*  The site was formerly managed in Dreamweaver on their local machine and then uploaded to their website server.  The major disadvantage was the lack of structure and consistency.  You know what it's like, eventually a website can get cluttered and unorganized (kind of like that linen closet in your bathroom).  It was time to look at it from a fresh … [Read more...]

Passwords at Risk

If you haven't heard about the latest security hole, read about it at Mashable and change these passwords as soon as you can.  It will take up your entire lunch break but it's worth it. http://mashable.com/2014/04/09/heartbleed-bug-websites-affected/   … [Read more...]

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